Pearlie Bamboo Pick with White Pearl - 1 Pack By PacknWood

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 25 pieces 


Give the people you love a stylish way to enjoy meals with these picks, this design offers an easy way to consume many types of food, great for cocktail parties, barbeque snacks, club sandwiches, hors d'oeuvres, finger food, tapas and even kebabs!  Keep your food pinned together and add elegance to your table while contributing to the preservation of our planet. These picks come in a convenient 25 pieces single package.

• These biodegradable party skewer picks are made of 100% natural bamboo that is the perfect alternative to wasteful single-use materials.
• This organic construction makes these decorative kabobs highly durable and very sturdy.
• These wooden appetizer garnish sticks feature a white pearl that makes them a fancy presentation accessory for any types of event such as weddings, celebrations, or conferences.
• Through inspiration, design, and eco-friendly solutions, PacknWood creates value using natural, organic, and recyclable materials. Some of the natural resources we use include paper, bamboo, recycled and recyclable plastic, and more.

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