Lucky Super Soft Ocean Liquid Pump Hand Soap - 13,5 Oz By Delta Brands

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 Option 1: Lucky Super Soft Ocean Breeze 

Option 2: Lucky Super Soft Aloe Vera 

These days, using an effective anti-bacterial soap for hands can be one of the first lines of hygiene defense on a daily basis. Discover how Lucky Super Soft liquid disinfecting soap can help protect yourself and those around you. Show your loved ones and prove yourself how taking care of yourselves doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or paying a fortune for a product.

• PROTECTION FOR THOSE WHO MATTER TO YOU: let Lucky Super Soft soap for hands be part of your daily routine of keeping everyone you care about safe. The hand antibacterial liquid soap contains a safe-for-general-use dose of chloroxylenol.
• TRICLOSAN FREE: this antibacterial soap for hands doesn’t contain triclosan, a controversial antibacterial ingredient that the FDA had ruled against its usage in certain bar soaps and bodywashes. This means that Lucky Super Soft antibacterial wash is safe to use for both young and old alike.
• PH-BALANCED FOR GENTLENESS: tough on a wide range of viruses and bacteria, this liquid antibacterial soap is gentle on your hands. It’s formulated to be pH-balanced, so you can use it as frequently as you need with absolute peace of mind.
• MINIMUM-CONTACT PUMP DISPENSER: the gentle antibacterial soap comes with a convenient pump dispenser that dispenses just the right amount of liquid soap with just one quick push.

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