Febreze Professional Deep Penetrating Fabric Refresher - 32 Oz By P&G

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Febreze cleans away odors trapped in fabrics. It's not a "cover-up" product. Proprietary cleaning system goes to the source of odors and eliminates them. Spray directly on fabrics until slightly damp. As it dries, odors disappear. Patented binding technology locks onto odor molecules and traps them for good. A light, fresh scent is left behind to leave the treated area smelling fresh and clean. Febreze Fabric Refresher is safe for virtually all fabrics.

• Eliminates odors trapped in fabrics instead of just masking them
• Extra-strength formula penetrates deep into fabrics to destroy odor from smoke, mold and mildew
• Light, fresh scent leaves treated area smelling fresh and clean
• Formula is safe for virtually all fabrics
• 1 Spray Bottle of 32 Oz

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