Eggster Compostable Sugarcanes Dish 1 Oz - 12 Pack By PacknWood

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12 Pack.

This Bio n Chic Egg Shaped Sugarcane Dish is the perfect size and shape for wonderful dips, hot sauces, and cold spreads. The disposable dish is constructed of all natural, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable sugarcane. Give your loved ones the pleasure to enjoy meals and parties while having the assurance that all of the people in your home, are contributing to the planet with a modern, safe, stylish and conscious lifestyle. 

• Sugarcane fiber is used to create this unique and sturdy tableware; great for hot and cold foods

• Easy to grab, it makes an elegant way to eat your fabulous mini dishes

• Sugarcane tableware is biodegradable, grease-resistant, compostable and microwaveable

• Crisp white design brings food to life; an elegant design perfect for parties, weddings and more

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