Peladow Pail Ice Melt Calcium Chloride Pellets - 50 lbs By Deicing Depot
Snow and ice melter.-Calcium chloride pellets.-Fast-acting moisture-attracting formula.-Exothermic.-Effective down to -25° f.-Odorless calcium chloride pellets attract moisture from the air, ensuring fast-acting performance, even at temperatures well below freezing. Exothermic in nature, peladow gives off heat as it dissolves, further...
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Frosty Nightmare Bag Snow and Ice Melt - 40 lbs By Dart Seasonal
Frosty’s Nightmare Snow and Ice Melter Melter is designed to quickly de-ice pavements, driveways and other road surfaces. Frosty’s works faster and better than traditional rock salt, potassium chloride or urea. A sodium based ice melter mixed with liquid magnesium...
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Back Saver Snow Shovel Poly Blade - 18 x 14
These pieces of products are made to provide you with utmost comfort during your leisure times. Be it for personal or for professional use- you will find the suitable for both the purposes, the best item for using without damaging...
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