Wooden Ice Cream Spoon 3.75 in By Seastraws
50 Pcs These mini spoons are recyclable and biodegradable and a great eco-friendly and sustainable choice. Made from birch wood, these spoons are the perfect combination to enjoy your ice cream, gelato, yogurt, and desserts. Suitable for catering events, picnics...
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Wooden Spoon 6.5 in By Seastraws
50 Pcs Biodegradable and recyclable spoons made from birch wood are ideal for any kind of gathering such as dinners, celebrations, even weddings, and to-go meals. Due to its strong and sturdy features, these wooden spoons are heat tolerant. You...
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Wooden Knife 6.5 in By Seastraws
50 Pcs These earth-conscious knives are the perfect combination for your dinner table presentation, due to its features of sustainability and natural biodegradation. As well as this, these wooden knives are also convenient for outdoors activities and takeout food. You...
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Wooden Fork 6.5 in By Seastraws
50 Pcs Eco-friendly forks, made from birch wood, reliable and convenient for on-the-go eating experience. They are a sustainable and earth-conscious way to present at your dinner table. Ideal for any occasion, from camping to fancy events. Biodegradable and recyclable...
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