Black Trash Bags - 100 Pack 15 x 9 x 30 In.
100 bags. Those trash bags, are tough enough to hold broken glass and items with sharp corners, very reliable, puncture-resistant and conceal unsightly trash too. Their extra heavy-duty low-density plastic construction also resists tearing and leaking for safe, hygienic use....
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42 Gallon Contractor Bags - 20 Bags By Aluf Plastics
20 Bags Perfect for the most though heavy duty jobs, everything you need to store, these bags will in fact be perfect for it, live a lifestyle clean and without any worries. Frustration Free - Our 42 gallon trash bags...
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White Duplex Paper Doggie Bags - 4.75 x 3 x 12 By Bagcraft
Each package contains 500 bags Give your kitchen an easy accessibility to cleanness and a more organized vibe, these bags help to store your annoying food waste or leftovers, while being strong, resistant and cost-effective. • Superior grease and moisture...
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